Change Hotmail password

Changing the password is the very important thing to do as an account holder. Maybe it’s an social media account or email account, it is highly recommended to change the login password every 3 months.

By doing this, your account will be safe and others can’t hack your account. What happens most of the time is you share your password with the close ones or some close friend of yours knows your password. And as nobody knows what will happen to the human intention, so its better to keep on changing the password

The tip here while changing the password is, never choose the same password for all of your online account. Like email social media account etc. It may lead you to the mass problems. Therefore, change a single character in all of your accounts password. Like JohnSnow123, JohnSnow12 etc. This will help you to remember all the password and not lead to forgetting your password.

How to change the password?

Changing the password is not the hardest thing at all. Most of the users cant locate the setting buttons to change the password but it is really easy once you find it.

Without wasting the time let us move to the steps for changing the login password

  • To change your password you need to login to your Hotmail account first.
  • Now, after the successful login, click on the gear sign that is located at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Now, from there, click on Options.
  • Here, click on Account details, under Managing your account section.
  • Now, as you click that link, you will be automatically redirected to you basic information page where you can change your information like name, numbers etc.
  • From here, click on “security and privacy” from the menu bar.
  • Now click on change password link under Account security section.
  • Now, changing a password is a sensitive thing, you need to verify yourself first. And to verify, you need to provide your alternate email address where Hotmail team will send a code and you need to enter that code in here.
  • After the code you enter matches the code sent by Hotmail team, you will be redirected to the changing password section.
  • Here, firstly you need to enter your old password and then your new desired password.
  • Click on next and you’re done.

Well, these are the steps you need to follow for changing the password.


While choosing the password, remember to choose the strongest one but easy to guess. Most of the time users tends to choose the strongest password and later on they forget the password and gets into trouble. So, it is recommended to use the easy word followed by some upper cases and lower cases, some symbols like ()!@#, some numbers and must be 8 characters long.